About The MyEMCert

The MyEMCert is given to board certified emergency physicians every 10 years in order to maintain their certification. According to ABEM, “the MyEMCert will be the alternative assessment option for physicians to stay certified. Physicians who are eligible and select the MyEMCert option will not be required to take the ConCert Exam or LLSA tests.”

Elements Include:

Maintaining Your Certification:

If your certification ends in 2022 or later you will have the option of maintaining your certification using MyEMCert. Under the MyEMCert track, you will need to:

MyEMCert Modules:

This is not meant to be an inclusive guideline regarding the MyEMCert, please refer to the ABEM Website for specific information on applying, credentialing and scheduling for the MyEMCert examination as well as details regarding test and its procedures.

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