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ABEM allows 4 hours of total time to complete each module. However, you can pause the module while taking it. 

You may refer to our online slides and High Yield Review Textbook during the exam.  We guarantee you will save several hours of time and pass on your first attempt. 

At this time we do not offer CME credit. The feedback that we have received from our customers is that they want a review that is quick, effective and cheap. Customers state they prefer our low price over the added cost of CME which most customers easily attain at a conference or by other means. Currently we are the cheapest MyEMCert review on the market and we intend to remain so. We are welcome to feedback on this issue. In order to offer our customers the most cost effective review, we do not offer CME credit.

Every year after the exam. We use customer feedback to keep our review high yield. We need your feedback to continue to tailor our review for the exam! Contact us after your exam and let us know tips to improve our book or online course and you will be entered in a drawing to receive your money back! Yes, get your review for FREE! Please provide feedback to content material in the questions and lecture which you feel need better explanation or that you will feel will better improve the course. Please do not provide actual test questions from the test for which the testee is required to sign a non-disclosure clause.

The textbook is updated annually, and sometimes twice a year. After purchase you will always receive the most updated version. Every year the changes are usually minor, so we still stand by our money-back guarantee if you fail your exam after buying our online course and text. We have a 99% pass rate – you won’t fail!

Coming soon. Pilots in 2020 and live in 2021.

We guarantee 7-10 business days (although most customers in the continental US have received the book within 2 days). We ship immediately and the rest is up to the postal system!

For security purposes, once the review is opened you have five days to utilize it for your MyEMCert test. If you need more time you may text Dr. McManus at 210-240-6995.

Lots of botox and hair gel!

Hours in the gym and staring at yourself in the mirror! MyEMCertPrep will “pump you up!!!”

MyEMCert module registration will be available on your ABEM portal starting March 31, 2021. On March 31, three modules will be available: Abdominopelvic, Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock, and Trauma and Bleeding. Three additional modules will be available in summer 2021.

MyEMCert will affect physicians differently depending on the year their current certification expires. View ABEM requirements based on when your current ABEM certification expires using ABEM Reqs tool.

If you still have questions, contact ABEM at staycertified@abem.org or 517.332.4800, ext. 317.

Once MyEMCert launches on March 31, you will be able to sign in to your ABEM Portal at www.abem.org and follow the steps to register for MyEMCert modules. You may also wish to review the MyEMCert: Getting Started FAQs. You will not be able to register for modules until MyEMCert launches on March 31, 2021.

For those whose current certification is for a ten-year period, MyEMCert modules will cost $350 each. Taking four MyEMCert modules in five years will cost $1,400. Registering for a MyEMCert module allows you three attempts to take and pass a specific module topic. Physicians whose current certification is for a five-year period pay a flat $280 annual fee, which provides access to ABEM’s continuing certification activities. The annual fee adds up to be the same $1,400 cost distributed over five years. Additional information about the annual fee is available in the 5-year Continuing Certification Cycle and Annual Fee FAQs on their website.

MyEMCert is open book, so study requirements are minimal. However, you must take the modules by yourself. MyEMCert modules are designed to promote learning while physicians are engaged in the module. The core questions and core question sets sections makes up approximately 80 percent of each module. Physicians may use their own readily available, standard resources to look up a topic like what is done in clinical practice.

Physicians may choose not to study; others might want to review content for some modules, recognizing that the modules are based on the patient’s presentation. To get a general description of module content, please visit ABEM’s module content webpage.

The Key Advances section of each module makes up approximately 20 percent of the questions. This section is designed to accelerate the pace at which practice advances, clinical policy alerts, and suggestions from the literature are incorporated into emergency physicians’ clinical practice. Synopses of Key Advances are available on the Key Advances page of the ABEM website. It is recommended physicians read these a module. They can also be accessed while taking the module. Citations are included for additional reading if interested.

Pilot participants have offered their views on how you might prepare for taking the modules:

  • Block off time and choose a location where you can focus
  • Use resources and tools you normally would on a shift
  • Decide what references you want on hand, including the Key Advance synopses

Watch a short video with feedback from physicians on preparing for modules.

MyEMCert modules do include a Pause feature. If you choose to exit the module before you complete it, all your confirmed answers will be saved. You will receive a warning message when you press the button to explain what will happen. If you choose to leave without confirming an answer, you will not be able to return to this question and it will be scored as incorrect. When you re-enter the module, you will see the next question. If you confirm an answer before pausing, you will see the feedback on your answer and will then be able to leave without penalty.

Note: MyEMCert modules will time out after 15 minutes of inactivity due to security considerations. If you are inactive for 15 minutes, you will receive a warning that the system will automatically pause your module unless you take an action. If you have not confirmed the answer to the question you are on and the module times out after 15 minutes, the question you left off at will be marked as incorrect.

The passing score and percentage correct will be provided at the start of each module. The passing score could be different for each module and each form of a module.

Each MyEMCert module consists of presentation-based scenarios, which include questions related to the module topic, and Key Advances. Key Advances in each module will not necessarily share the same topic as the module. It is recommended you review all the current Key Advances synopses provided by ABEM prior to starting a module.

At this time, there is no CME available for completing MyEMCert modules. However, the ACCME has approved MyEMCert modules as being eligible for CME. ABEM is working with CME providers to make CME available for MyEMCert activities.

ABEM will no longer offer the ConCert Exam after 2022. Through a series of interviews, surveys, and focus groups, Emergency Medicine physicians conveyed that they wanted a continuing certification process that is relevant to their practice, simple to understand, and easy to manage. MyEMCert was designed to accommodate those preferences.

Thank you for considering our review! We are here to serve you. Do you have other questions?
You can also call or text Dr. John McManus directly at  (210) 240-6995.

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